The Build (2)

North wall section for shower room, study & master ensuite about to be lifted

The timber frame kit which was pre-manufactured was delivered to site on schedule on Tuesday (9th August) and erection commenced on Wednesday morning.

Despite torrential rain (which made it difficult to take pictures), the men worked a 12 hour shift putting the sections in place on the upper level.



The upper floor walls  in place up to gutter level, looking south from the road

A better day on Thursday – the wall sections are now all in place.

The doorway on the left hand end is from the master bedroom (note the barrier inside to prevent anyone accidentally exiting in a downward direction!), whilst the entrance hall and staircase can be seen projecting out from the long wall.




The attic floor in place on top

The “I-Beam” joists for the attic floor have been laid on top. They are stepped back from the outer edge to accommodate the slope of the roof.

All is now ready for the arrival of a large hoist which will lift the roof trusses into place on Friday.




The south side of the house with most of the major roof components in place.

After a hard morning’s work, most of the major components of the main roof structure are in place.

The gap in the upper floor wall is because the front of the “Piano Room” will extend out another 2 metres from the rest of the house. The area underneath will become an enclosed porch allowing easy access to the utility room.


Looking south-west from the road

The view from the road above – as intended, the house looks like a single storey dwelling.





The house viewed from the south west.

Two days later, and the house is gaining shape as rest of the panels are installed.

The large gable window (nearest the camera) on the upper floor will give access to a balcony and have a lovely view northwards up the Sound of Mull.



The view across the Sound from the lower floor living room


The lower floor living room (the room nearest the camera in the picture above) has a fantastic view across the Sound to the Isle of Mull.

It will look even better when the scaffold and other machinery has been removed!




Some of the rafters are now in place



View from the road. The rafters are going on; each one has to be individually cut to size.




Rafters in place over the kitchen and dining area

Building a roof takes time when it is as big as this one and there is a rafter every 400mm!






As the rafters are put in place, the roof takes shape

Slowly but surely, it is taking shape!







Main roof structure almost complete

Nine days after starting work on the upper floor, the roof structure is approaching completion and will soon be ready for the “sarking boards” (to which the slates will be fixed) to be laid.

The “mud-porch” (with its door sheltered from the prevailing wind) is now in place underneath the centre gable.


All of the rafters are now in place


Although the builders are working as hard as ever, the massive changes that were achieved with the timber frame erection have ceased. A lot of the work that has been taking pace over the past week has been of the detailed, nitty gritty variety that doesn’t really show up on “big picture” photographs. This picture shows that all the rafters are now in place.




The west gable, showing the view from the (as yet unbuilt) balcony, through the patio doors. The open plan kitchen area is immediately to the left, whilst further back a stud wall divides the enclosed pantry on the left from the lounge area. The chimney breast for the wood burning stove will be  in front of the stud wall, providing a focal point and also acting as a “thermal mass” to keep the temperature steady.






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