We regret that with the closing of Willow Brae B&B, Catering for Kosher / Halal / Vegetarian/Special Diets is no longer available

A small selection of cookery books and guides used over the past half-century of Kosher cooking

Cooking Kosher

Please let us know at the time of booking if you have any special dietary requirements so that we can be sure to offer a breakfast which is appropriate – the nearest supermarket being 40 miles away!

Finding Kosher or Halal holiday accommodation in Scotland can be difficult, if not impossible, particularly in the remote regions; whether you are Orthodox, Conservative, Liberal, Reform, Secular, Muslim, Vegetarian, Vegan, Coeliac or have any other dietary constraints or intolerances, and whether or not “Shomer Shabbat”, at Willow Brae we will do our utmost to meet your needs and make you feel comfortable and welcome, as with guests of all faiths and none.  If your dietary requirements or lack of suitable restaurants make it difficult for you to eat out during your visit then we can offer half- or full-board.  For other visitors, we are happy to recommend local restaurants.

Our remote location, in the village of Lochaline, Morvern, three hours north of Glasgow, prevents frequent kashrut inspection, so meat/milk separation and kashrut must be taken on trust, unsupervised – as it is in the home.   However, Glatt Kosher sealed meals (eg from Hermolis) can be arranged for visitors if requested in advance, and cooked and served in an appropriate manner.

Vegetarian visitors can rest assured that the dishes, implements and crockery on which their food is prepared and served have not been in contact with meat.

With the kitchen and living area being open plan, the catering arrangements are openly on show.

Milsch kitchen area

The property is registered with Highland Council for the safe preparation of food.

The Meat 'Fridge

The Meat ‘Fridge

The Dairy 'Fridge

The Dairy ‘Fridge

Two refrigerators used in the zoned kitchen at Willow Brae

Meat / Dairy / Pareve (Vegan) separation

with separate cookware, ovens, crockery and cutlery for meat

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For further details  please email us at willow.brae@yahoo.co.uk

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