The Build (7)

Levelling up

I bet you thought the picture above showed snow in May … but, no!  The “white stuff” is white silica sand and sandstone, rejected as not pure enough the clients of the local sand mine.  This is proving very useful in bringing up the levels of the lower garden and drive, before topping off with stone – though quite a few tonnes will be needed yet.

The spring has seen a lot of progress; all the wall insulation and plasterboarding has been done on the main upper ground floor and the  mezzanine and attic.

Under supervision I helped the electrician cut out the many holes in the plasterboard for the back-boxes before getting the walls of the main floor and attic plastered.  It was a hard decision chosing the plasterer, as it is such an enormous area to have plastered, but settled on a team from “back ‘ome”.  Only a few more days until it is completed – and then I hope they will be able to enjoy a day or two trout fishing before their return.

Happily, there are enough sheets of insulation and plasterboard for me to press on with the lower ground floor once the main floor is completed; no rest for the wicked, they say….


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