The Build (5)

Slowly, but surely things are moving forward.  The bedroom wing and the attic have been plastered now, and the open plan living area should be plastered by the beginning of next week.  Painting has started in the attic, which really makes it look like it will be a HOME and not just a building site.

Friends have contributed their time and their garden cuttings to enable the start of a border in front of the hobby room this May.

Next month – 2nd fix electrics begins, whilst painting continues.  The BIG job in June will be tiling the living room floor so that a staircase to the mezzanine can be installed and a ballustrade.  I still fancy a glass ballustrade (more expensive materials / less expensive labour / quicker to install) for the mezzanine; how often would the outside of the glass need polishing, I wonder … and how does this compare with cleaning inbetween traditional rails? Given the height of the windows I will need to have big ladders and copious amounts of wash leather in any case.

So – until you can visit, I hope you enjoy the photos.


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