The Build (3)

Looking down from the book gallery into the Living / Dining area


Looking down from the Book Gallery (which is at Attic level) into the Living / Dining area. The kitchen and Scullery are to the right, underneath the gallery.




The book gallery with attic door behind


The reverse view, looking upwards from the Piano Room towards the Book Gallery. The doorway above leads into the Attic, whilst the lower door leads into a corridor.




Looking into the Living /Dining area from the Piano Room



The Living / Dining area has a full height window with a large patio door which will open out onto a timber balcony.




View across to Mull from the Living Room


Looking out of the Living Room window across the Sound to Mull. The edge of the village can just be seen to the left of the picture.




Looking south from the Piano Room


The view south from the window of the Piano Room gable.




Work has commenced on the roof!


The builders have started to fix the Sarking Boards to the roof. Unlike in England, where battens are fixed directly to the joists, in Scotland the practice is to board the whole roof for additional strength.



South facing roof fully boarded and covered with breathable membrane


The roof on the south side has now been fully boarded and covered with a waterproof membrane which is held in place by vertical battens.




Sarking commences on the north facing roof


Work starts on the north side, which is set back into the hill facing the road. You can see the higher ground level in the foreground, with the Front Porch behind.




The drive leading to the upper level can now be used by wheeled vehicles!


The pile of rock that was excavated right back at the start of the project has now been evened out and compacted to form the driveway from the access track up to the parking area and front door.




The space behind the curved retaining wall has been partially backfilled


The curved retaining wall to the east of the house has been partially backfilled. This area will eventually become the upper garden.





The outer blockwork skin on the west gable end


The bright red waterproof membrane is gradually covered up as the outer skin is built up with concrete blocks.





The north side of the house with the front porch


The north side of the house is technically the front, even though it faces inland!

The outer skin has been completed and the roof has been boarded and covered with a waterproof membrane ready for the slates to be laid.



North side, looking east



The north side again, this time looking east from the front porch. The low window in the porch opens onto the stairwell, whilst the two roof windows give lots of light in the attic area – perhaps a future artists garret?


The driveway is now navigable by cars and vanss – until now only a digger could get up this bank!ing up to the front door and parking area has been

The outer blockwork on most of the house has now been completed, hiding for ever the bright red protective membrane!

The house (and the curved reatining wall below) will eventually be covered in white render.




The house from the road, outer blockwork completed


The view from the road. The area to the left, which has been partially backfilled, will eventually become the upper garden.

Once the windows have been fitted and the roof slated, the building will finally be watertight for the winter!



The Front Porch


The supporting posts are now in place on the porch, and the newly fitted front door can also be seen.

The roof has now been cross-battened horizontally, ready for the slates (currently in the wooden pallet at the bottom of the ladder) to be fitted.



The north side roof with fascia boards, soffitt and guttering


The soffit’s and fascia boards are in locally grown Larch and will be allowed to weather naturally. The guttering and down pipes are now in pace to ensure the blockwork does not become saturated with running water over the winter.

The downpipes will be removed later to allow the wall to be rendered.



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