The Build (1)

Site cleared ready to build (14 weeks of chipping out granite!)

The site was cleared, only to expose some of the hardest granite in europe.

Instead of the 3-4 weeks expected to clear the sandstone which occupies the west end of the site, it took 14 weeks of continual “pecking” with a digger to dig out the site, and a further two to dig out the drainage ditches needed to keep the water flowing down the rock away from the foundations.


Amazing the difference a few weeks makes!


Just 2 weeks after starting work, the foundations are in place.

Due to the camera angle, the site appears shorter than it actually is. The garage space nearest the camera is almost the same  width as the accommodation beyond. The two transit vans are both “Long ” versions.

You can see the layout!


Another week (11th June) and the walls are slowly rising. This was one of the few breaks between the showers when the sun came out!




Progress Overview – 14 Jun 2011


Just 3 days later (14th June) and the walls are getting higher.

The steelwork for the garage floor is in place, ready for concrete to be poured.




Lower floor – work in progress


A few days more (17th June) and the garage floor is down. Raining as usual so no danger of it drying out too quickly!





22nd June and the builders have finally figured out a way to avoid the rain!

Note the steelwork for the retaining walls poking up on the back and east walls.



South Elevation – lower floor accommodation


A miracle – Blue sky!!!

The walls of the lower floor are nearing completion.


Clockwise fr top left, LaundryUtility, Hobby, Bed, Wetroom, plant, stairwell.




Only 6 weeks after starting work, the walls of the west wing are up!

The east side (to the left of the picture) which will form the garage, is still to be completed.




Work continues on the garage and the curved retaining wall (nearest camera) which will eventually be backfilled to form the upper garden area.




Beam and Block floor in place on centre and west wing

The lid goes on!

It does seem a pity to block the view by putting another floor on top.



View from the road, looking south west



The garage walls (nearest camera) are nearly up.






The rear of the building showing the damp-proofing.

The black waterproofing material  will eventually be covered with a protective board before the void is backfilled with rock.

The front door will be on this side, to the right of the gap in the floor which has been left for the staircase.


The lower floor completed.


The lower floor is completed.

The upper floor (which will be timber frame rather than concrete) will be delivered to site in pre-made sections, ready to be lifted into position.

The builders are finally  taking a well earned holiday!


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